Writing a Communications Manager CV

Friday, January 15, 2021

As a communications expert you may manage the internal and external communications for a company and play a large part in shaping and enhancing that organisations image. Within a CV, of course, it is your image and perception you are shaping. Very often the first communication you have with a potential new employer, getting it right is vitally important.

Put yourself in the shoes of the audience

One of the key skills you may possess as a communications manager is the ability to assess situations from different points of view. This ability is crucial when writing your CV. A good CV is about placing yourself in the shoes of the reader and aligning the information to the requirements of the role you are applying for. Simply put, you want the job of calling you to interview to be as easy as possible so a clearly defined message and supporting information is the best way to do this.

Presentation and formatting your communications manager CV

Less than 30 seconds is likely to be spent reading your CV. With this in mind, there is little point including lots of detail. Keep the CV to 2 pages and about 750 words. The headings should be clearly labelled so the reader can navigate their way around easily. Use a contemporary non-serif typeface to a minimum of 11 point. Use a style or template that allows ample white space to make the CV easy on the eye and not look cramped. First impressions count so make sure the CV looks professional and is error free.

ATS systems

Before your CV gets into human hands it is likely to have been filtered by applicant tracking software (ATS). It is estimated ATS sift out 70% of CVs. The best way to ensure your CV is not filtered out is to read the job description and person specification of the role you are applying for, identify and then weave the key words and phrases into your CV. ATS are essentially looking for concentrations of similar key words rather like search engines rank web pages.

Achievements – fact and figures

Many job seekers reproduce a list of duties and responsibilities in their CV. The more you can personalise a CV with your own story – the more compelling your CV is to read. Home in on your specific achievements and include facts and figures that demonstrate the success of these initiatives. Whether you have successfully created better internal engagement or played a vital role in promoting a key event or company milestone. Be specific and focus on the outcomes.

This article is written by Neville Rose, Director of CV Writers.

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