Remote Work Doesn’t Have to Mean All-Day Video Calls

Wednesday, September 23, 2020
The Covid-19 crisis has distanced people from the workplace, and employers have generally, if sometimes reluctantly, accepted that people can work effectively from home. As if to compensate for this distancing and keep the workplace alive in a virtual sense, employers have also encouraged people to stick closely to the conventional workday. The message is that working from home is fine and can even be very efficient — as long as people join video calls along with everyone else all through the day.

But employees often struggle with the “workday” when working from home, because many have to deal with the competing requests coming from their family, also housebound. So how effective really is working from home if everyone is still working to the clock? Is it possible to ditch the clock?

The answer seems to be that it is. Since before the pandemic we’ve been studying the remote work practices of the tech company GitLab to explore what it might look like if companies to break their employees’ chronological chains as well as their ties to the physical workplace.

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