Is It Better To Quit Or Get Fired?

Monday, March 15, 2021
How are things going at work? Have you been daydreaming about a new cool job? Are your days numbered at your current job? Is it time to move on?

In today’s modern workforce, job hopping is the norm. If you’ve been dreaming about changing jobs or making a career switch, the first step is to leave your current job. Do you plan to leave on your terms or do you not have a choice? Have you ever debated the age old question – “Is it better to quit or get fired?”

Warning Signs That You’re About To Be Fired

Well that’s a tough question to answer because every situation is different, but we can shine some light on the pros and cons of quitting vs getting fired.

Pros of Getting Fired – When you get fired, it can be a relief. In fact getting fired can be a really good thing. There is no question about what you need to do because the decision is made for you. You’re instantly free to go and do what you want to do. Plus, you’ll most likely receive severance pay, benefits, and potentially unemployment too. This can help you coast through the tough times ahead and come out on top.
Cons of Getting Fired – Getting fired is frustrating. It can be a major blow to your professional reputation and can leave a long-term scar on your resume. It can also cause damage to your future references. Depending on why you got fired, it might come back to haunt you down the line.

Why You Should Quit Your Job Right Now

Pros of Quitting – Quitting your job shows that you are in charge of your decisions. It’s nice to leave a job on your own terms. It’s a power move that may make your co-workers jealous. When you leave on your terms, you can decide when, why, and how you want to leave your current job. Quitting gives you the ability to make a plan, search for jobs, and budget for the unknown.

Cons of Quitting – When you quit a job, it’s normal to give two-weeks notice. This means there is an awkward period where you’re still working regularly, collecting paychecks, and planning to leave. If your resignation is unexpected, it’s possible to burn some bridges too – something that should be avoided. The biggest con of quitting is that you may not receive any severance pay or continued benefits. You also need to consider if you will still qualify for unemployment benefits.

It’s up to you to weigh your options. Explore the pros and cons of your specific situation. It might be wise to have another job lined up before you quit or get fired if you can. You also need to think about your financial situation and plan a budget while you’re unemployed. Take the time to think your situation through. Good luck!

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