How to Succeed at Your Phone Interview?

Monday, October 19, 2020
Conducting an interview is indeed a timely and costly affair. Companies have increasingly found their ways towards telephonic interview to eliminate the cost of reviewing unsolicited applications. The quality of telephonic interview paves the way for personal interview. This article offers insightful tips to ace your telephonic interview.

The first rule to successful communication lies in an individual ability to listen and comprehend. So before you start talking, let an interviewer finish. It is extremely difficult to focus on telephonic interview. Mere pretendance of listening won’t work. You have to actually try and stay focused. Besides, if you don’t have an ability to listen you could never be a good communicator. It is advised to make notes while the interviewer speaks, so that you don’t lose a thread on important matters.

Telephonic interview is an assessment of candidate even before he/she enters an organization. As a candidate, you would not wish to get rejected merely after a telephonic round. It is therefore profoundly advised to practice and practicebefore the interview sets in. Practice your telephonic interview by practicing with your friends or merely by recording your own answers. Assess the quality of voice, tone and answers objectively. Work on the errors and try to maintain consistency in the tone of your answers.

Keep your resume handy
Your interviewer is bound to bring up a question from your resume. Having your resume handy would help you offer concise and precise answers to the questions posed. But, you could not spend minutes after minutes reviewing your resume whenever a question arises. You need to be fully aware about the details mentioned in your resume. The only point of having a resume on hand is to avoid rambling.

Be prepared with your questions
Your interviewer would offer you an opportunity to ask any queries or questions you have in mind. You wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity. Use your notes that you prepared since beginning. Use it to draw excellent questions. Asking this question is an interviewer’s own way of assessing the candidate. Besides, asking questions is the sign of genuine interest and sincerity.

Don’t make a mistake of undermining the importance of smile. Smiling sets the tone of voice and the only way of coming across as affable personality on phone is through smiling. An interviewer determines the personality of candidate merely by voice on telephonic interview.

Research is as important in telephonic interview as it is in personal interview. Research the companyFeature Articles, an interviewer and job description thoroughly before setting yourself up for a telephonic interview. Align the job duties with your experience and state the ways in which you could bring results for company.

Following these tips would ensure that you land an in person interview with an interviewer. Don’t forget to send in a personalised thank you message immediately after your telephonic interview.

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