Hiring Has Restarted. Here’s What You Need to Know to Land a New Job, Now.

Wednesday, March 10, 2021
One year since the coronavirus was declared a pandemic, there are glimmers of a sustained jobs recovery—and that means new opportunities for prepared job seekers.

There are reasons to believe the latest uptick in job creation has more legs than similar spurts last summer and early fall, even though Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell warned at The Wall Street Journal’s Job Summit last week that the economy remains far from maximum employment.

The number of help-wanted ads returned to pre-pandemic levels in January, fueled in part by more high-wage openings in technology and finance, according to job-search site Indeed. Weekly unemployment claims have fallen to their lowest levels in months. There also are signs that economic activity is poised to pick up as more people are vaccinated.

As hiring accelerates, millions of unemployed Americans will be vying for openings alongside workers jockeying for new jobs and promotions. Yet, the pandemic’s impact on the job hunt is likely to linger: Workers will need to be prepared for virtual interviews and onboarding. They may need to pick up new skills, or reinvent themselves for the next phase of their career.

Whether the pandemic has left you unemployed, underemployed or gearing up for the next step, you will need to stand out in the crowd. Economists, executives and career coaches offered advice to thousands of job seekers at the Journal’s Jobs Summit. Here is what they said:

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