Four Things To Consider Before Hiring A Professional Resume Writer

Monday, March 29, 2021
There are pros and cons to having someone else create your resume. HR Director seems to be exploring the option in order to improve on the “mixed feedback” received on their resume to date. However, outsourcing this key part of your personal brand may not improve your results.

1 - Even the professionals don’t agree on best resume practices

If your ultimate goal is having uniformly positive reviews from everyone who looks at your resume, then I would rethink that expectation before hiring a resume writer. If you survey hiring managers, recruiters and even professional resume writers about common resume questions, you get different answers. How long is too long for a resume? What should you include in the summary section? Should every resume even include a summary? Which is better – functional or chronological?

There is a myriad of different issues to consider with any resume, for both content and formatting. People have their own preferences and opinions, so even professionals routinely involved in the hiring process won’t all agree on best resume practices. If the professionals can’t agree among themselves in general, it’s unlikely they can all agree on what they think of your resume specifically. Hire a professional resume writer, as long as you recognize this is one expert’s take, and you still may get mixed reactions.

2 - Writing the resume is just one part of creating it

Even if someone else writes the resume, you still have to relay the facts, details and nuances to someone else. The professional resume writer might guide you, but only if they know your target industry, role and level well enough. At a minimum, your resume writer should help you capture key dates, titles, degrees and other building blocks for the content. However, you can do that for yourself, and there are templates readily available online to help prompt you.

What distinguishes a resume is what information is included (and what is not), how the information flows and what is emphasized. Yes, a talented writer can help improve organization and flow, but they will only be as good as the information you give them. You still need to know what is compelling to your target industry, role and level. You still need to dig through your background for the most substantive and relevant results and examples...

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