7 Steps to Find and Use the Perfect Resume Writing Service From Start to Finish

Wednesday, June 2, 2021
The harsh reality is that resume writing services are not all created equal – some services have writers who are passionate to help and while some companies are really just out to take your money. With that said, how do we differentiate between these polar opposites? This guide will cover the 7 steps needed to find the best resume writing services that can truly elevate your resume to the next level.

Consider What Resume Type You Need

Like wearing pajamas to a business party, having the wrong type of resume for a job will make you stick out -- in a terrible way. Most resume services will typically outline different plans depending on if you require a student, professional, executive, federal, or military resume. You will be asked to pick your plan before anything else, so this is our first step.

What exactly are these resumes?

  • Student (entry level): Crafted based on a summary of studies and academic qualifications, includes experiences that may not be work-related.
  • Professional: Crafted if the individual already has prior experience in a profession or work force.
  • Executive: Crafted for administrative positions (think CEO’s and COO’s), and highlights skills needed to be a leader.
  • Federal: Crafted to apply solely for federal administration positions within the government, and contains several unique elements. 
  • Military: Crafted as a veteran transitions from the military to the civilian workforce, highlighting unique military experiences and education.


Look For A Professional Website

The first sign of a great website is how their page looks. Does it look professionally designed -- or look as if it was scrapped together during a lunch break? Here are the signs that show that the website is professional.

  • Contract information: The contact information is easy to spot and readily available. There is a clear set of methods to get in touch with a real person. This could be an email address, phone number, or live text assistance.
  • Upfront fees and packages: There are clear distinctions between various packages, what each one offers, and clear statements of additional fees that may be charged.
  • Step-by-step process: The resume writing process is present on the website, and needs to be adequate. It should contain an initial call or questionnaire, and a revision period.
  • Testimonials: Real customer testimonials are present on the site.
  • Samples: There are many samples of what to expect from the company.

Read The FAQs

Almost every resume writing service will have FAQs posted on their website. Some useful questions that a resume writing FAQ will provide typically include:

  • How to collaborate with your writer
  • Do we use customized designs or pre-built resume templates
  • How quickly will I receive my resume
  • How does our process work
  • What are our refund and guarantee policies
  • What qualifications do our writers have

Look at Genuine Reviews

Whether it’s a credible online reviewing service or just the average Joe on the web, reviews are a necessary read. More than just the appearance of a website, reviews show how the resume writing service performs in real time.

Are guarantees actually provided? Do the samples on the website match the end result? Reviews from real customers can help you form a much better conception of the writing service.

Connect With The Resume Writing Company

Do you have any wavering questions that could not be answered from your research? Don’t hesitate to ring the company up or send an email. You could talk about their process model or what makes them unique. After all, they want to sell you the service.

Connect with Your Writer

Now that you have found your top resume writing service, it is time to connect with your writer! During this step, you’ll want to be transparent about what you want, filling out questionnaires or answering questions verbally as accurately as you can. This will make things go smoothly, and reduces the number of revisions that you will need (which requires lots of extra time).

You can also request a sample written by this specific writer and ask them about their individual experiences as well. Don’t be afraid to “interview” them a bit, but keep it polite and formal.

Revise if Necessary

Once you receive your resume, look over it. Has it captured the skills, qualifications, and experiences that you wanted your resume to convey? Even more, what about the tone and the actual writing?

Many resume writing services will provide at least 2 rounds of revisions for free. Take that opportunity to revise and enhance. Utilize any guarantees that the service provides as well.

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