6 top tips to succeed in your next job search

Monday, February 19, 2024

Hays’ Amanda Whicher offers her top tips for those looking for their next tech job opportunity – and dispels some common job search myths.

Now that we’ve settled into 2024, you may be taking proper stock of your situation and wondering if it’s time for a new chapter in your career. But whether you’re just starting out on your journey or a seasoned tech professional, the job search can be a daunting prospect.

Is all the advice you got the last time you looked around still true? Are there new ways to find your dream role? How much of a freshen up does your CV need? To help you elevate your job search, we spoke to Amanda Whicher, director for technology at Hays UK and Ireland.

Focus on skills, not job titles

One of the most important things to bear in mind, according to Whicher, is that due to the constantly changing tech landscape, the job title you currently have might not still exist in the same guise by the time you start your job search.

“I think it’s really important that you understand what type of [tasks] that you really enjoy doing, but you’re also really good at and when you’re searching for a role, that you’re searching by the term rather than the job titles,” she said.

“If you’re really specific in the job title because of the organisation you’ve potentially worked in for the last 10 years, you might not have anything come up because actually that job title isn’t necessarily a standardised job title.”

Be thoughtful about your applications

It has become incredibly easy to apply for jobs nowadays. With many platforms, a simple click of a button labelled ‘apply’ could send your standardised cover letter and CV off to several recruiters at once.

However, this in itself has become a pitfall for many jobseekers according to Whicher. “If you’re really generic in your application, then that’s going to be received as generalist and so therefore, you might not get a response,” she said.

“I think being more thoughtful in the roles that you’re applying for is really important. And I would always connect on LinkedIn or reach out to the individual, whether it’s a recruitment agency or the hiring manager to make them aware that you’ve applied.

“You want to differentiate yourself in the market that we’re in at the moment that while we’ve got skills scarcity across technology, it doesn’t mean we don’t have applications for jobs, it just means that the applications that we get in a lot of cases aren’t fit for purpose for the role.”

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