5 unconventional tips to grow your career in 2023

Monday, June 26, 2023

Traditional advice on progressing your career typically falls into two categories:

  • Do a fantastic job while managing up
  • Make the right connections and convince them of your value

While both of these approaches are solid, depending on your situation, you might need to be a little more creative. If you’re looking for inspiration, here are five outside-the-box career boosters for 2023.

1. Work closely with people near the end of their career

People who are later in their careers can help you see the bigger picture and help you focus on what matters. People with experience understand that if you waste too much time focusing on things that don’t matter, you could fail to achieve your full potential.

Mature professionals can also teach you to solve problems better. They may not have seen everything, but their experience has likely taught them to spot patterns and identify solutions. Effective problem-solving partially means having the right mindset, tools, and techniques available.

What does progress look like? Take steps that matter and clarify what you want to accomplish in your career and why you want to accomplish it.

2. Work closely with people who are new to your organization

Recent hires bring a special energy and perspective. They can help give you fresh eyes for what matters outside of your organization and what is unique about it. Over time, it can be easy to start taking for granted the things that make your organization great. People who are new to your organization can remind you of why it is exciting to work there.

What does progress look like? Getting a deeper understanding of what makes your company stand out so you can communicate better with potential customers and collaborate more effectively with colleagues.

3. Work closely with people who are early in their career

People who are early in their careers have perspectives that you will never have. That’s not only because they are new to the company, but also because they have probably grown up in a different generation with different assumptions and priorities. They can show you things about the current generation in the context of the workplace that you may have never considered. Their energy and fresh perspective could change your goals and career outlook – you may even decide to take a chance on a new domain or product idea.

What does progress look like? Gaining perspective and potential motivation about what you want to focus on, especially regarding your career goals.

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