5 Tips To Update Your Resume For A Career Transition

Monday, June 17, 2024

A career transition can feel like stepping into the unknown. Yet, career pivots have become more common — especially following the pandemic. The growing interest in exploring new career paths is primarily the result of more people reevaluating their values and priorities. In fact, a survey conducted by iHire revealed that 66% of respondents considered changing career paths in the past year. Yet, career transitions can be challenging. In the same study, the biggest roadblocks to changing careers included financial risks, a lack of clarity and not knowing how to write a career change résumé, among others.

Crafting a compelling résumé is critical to a successful career change. The best format will effectively show future employers why you want to pivot and what makes you the best candidate. While there is no one-size-fits-all approach, a hybrid (also known as combination) résumé format lets you combine the best parts of a functional and chronological résumé. While a hybrid format highlights your skills at the top, it also allows you to include a work summary that is easily skimmed.

Once you identify your career goal, positioning yourself as a strong candidate is the next step. If you’re concerned about transitioning into a new field, these tips will help you create a résumé that gets you noticed.

Begin With A Personal Summary

Your career transition résumé should start with a personal statement. This is a short paragraph explaining why you want to make a career change, how your previous experience is transferable and why you are the best person for the role. Think of this section as being similar to an elevator pitch. It’s a brief way to explain your credentials and motivation while establishing a connection with the reader.

Here’s an example:

Excellence-driven finance professional with 15+ years of experience looking to transfer my quantitative and problem-solving skills to the accounting industry. Eager to make an immediate impact by using my disciplined approach to meet the challenges facing Company XYZ’s clients.

Leverage Keywords To Highlight Transferable Skills

The skills section is found below the summary paragraph. Keep in mind that AI is being used to match the language in your CV to the language in the job description. So, be sure to weave those keywords into your résumé. Focus on the transferable skills that are relevant to the new role. Most likely, they will be soft skills like leadership, adaptability and problem-solving. If there are technical skills you possess that are relevant to the position, you’ll want to include them here as well.

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