5 Tips for an Efficient Job Search in 2022

Monday, January 31, 2022

You may have reached the point where you're not happy in your current field and want to make acareer change. Or maybe you're in the right field, but you want to pursue a job opportunity outside of your current company in an effort to boost your pay.

No matter your motivation for wanting a new job, now's a good time to be looking. The U.S. labor market had 10.6 million jobs to fill in November, so there's plenty of opportunity to swap your existing role for a new one.

That said, if you're going to seek out a new job, it pays to do so efficiently. Here are five tips for pulling off an effective job search.

1. Start early on in the year

If you're going to aim for a new job in 2022, it pays to start applying early on in the year. Hiring budgets tend to open up in January, so if you get moving soon, you may find more companies have the flexibility to meet your salary requirements.

2. Make sure your resume is up to date

If you haven't looked for a job in quite some time, your resume may be outdated. And if so, it won't serve you well.

Review your resume thoroughly and make sure it highlights your most recent responsibilities, accomplishments, and skills. Or, to put it another way, if you're 10 years out of college, the fact that you worked part-time at the bookstore during your studies is probably information your resume no longer needs.

3. Narrow down the position you're hoping to snag

Maybe you work in marketing and are bored with your current role. For a better job search, figure out what you want your new role to entail.

But don't just seek out a specific title. Rather, make a list of the things you want to spend your days doing. Maybe it's market research. Maybe it's collaborating with advertising agencies. Knowing what you want your next job to look like will help you narrow down your choices.

4. Set an income goal

You may want to snag a specific salary from a new job -- one that allows you to easily manage your bills while giving you money left over to put into savings. It'll help to set an income goal so you know not to waste your time with lower-paying jobs.

That said, keep total compensation in mind when searching for jobs. It may be that a specific opportunity arises that falls $2,000 short of your target salary, but whose workplace benefits (like free health insurance) are more than enough to make up for that...

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