20 Expert Tips For Executives On The Job Hunt

Monday, April 15, 2024

A job hunt presents both challenges and opportunities for those in the top tiers of leadership who are seeking a change via a new role, organization or career focus. The competition for senior-level roles is fierce, requiring executive candidates to possess a keen understanding of industry trends to customize their search strategy and stand out from the crowd.

Below, 20 Forbes Coaches Council members offer expert insights and job-hunting tips for senior executives looking to make a significant move this year. Read on to learn about strategies designed to give executive job seekers the edge they need in a crowded market.

1. Take Time For Self-Reflection

To ensure a smoother transition when seeking a job change, take time for self-reflection. Make sure you know your strengths, interests, passion and values. You can also take a leadership assessment or personality test to confirm or uncover things that will help you find a job that is the right fit for you. - Lisa Herbert, Just The Right Balance LLC

2. Get Aligned With Your Passion

When pursuing a career change in 2024, executives should focus on aligning their job-hunting efforts with their passion. Target industries and companies that not only value your talents, but also resonate with your genuine enthusiasm for achieving their vision. Prioritize peace of mind, recognizing that no financial gain is worth sacrificing your overall well-being. - Anthony Howard, HR Certified LLC

3. Know Where You Can Add Value

Understand and market your competency according to sector—corporate, private equity, venture capital or privately held. As with many other roles across an organization, employers are increasingly seeking senior executives with specialized experience and expertise. Knowing where you can add value in a company’s life cycle, and in what kind of company, will help you market yourself effectively. - Scott Singer, Insider Career Strategies

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