13 Signs You’re Applying For The Wrong Jobs

Monday, July 19, 2021

What if all this while you’ve been applying for the wrong jobs, and that’s the reason your job search has not been working? Sure, after so many late-night resume revisions without any job offer to show for it, it can be tempting to wonder if getting a new job is even possible for you. But, the problem might be that you’re trying to fix the wrong thing.  

One classic mistake I see often from high-achievers in a variety of industries is that they’re applying for the wrong jobs, and they don’t even realize they’re doing it. Instead, they focus on fixing things like their resume, not knowing there’s another reason they’re not getting interviews or job offers. Or worse, if they are getting interviews and job offers, they have a higher risk of landing a new job with the same problems that motivated them to search for another job in the first place because they’re applying for the wrong positions.

Here are a few signs you might be making the mistake of applying for the wrong jobs:

You type in vague words when searching for job openings. — If you type in vague keywords on LinkedIn, like “marketing jobs,” you will get vague results. Likewise, if you’re only seeing vague job openings, then you might be limiting your opportunities and applying for jobs that aren’t the best fit for you or your expertise and interests.

You read job descriptions and think, “I can make this work.” — Even if the role isn’t 100% what you have in mind for yourself, you don’t hesitate to submit your application. You apply for jobs without even considering if it aligns with your desires and goals for your career. 

When you finally get interviews, you’re not excited about the position. — As much as you feel excited and happy about landing an interview when you realize the role you’re interviewing for, it doesn’t light you up. You instantly think, “Why did I apply for this again?”

You’re approaching your job search with the mentality that, “I need to get my foot in the door,” but you’re not a recent graduate. — This mentality might have worked when you were searching for internships or when you were looking to land your first full-time role. But, now that you have years of experience under your belt, I always say, trying to get your foot in the door will only cause your foot to get stuck... 

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