12 Acceptable Reasons For Quitting A Job

Friday, March 12, 2021

Thinking about quitting your job? That’s certainly not a decision to take lightly. As a professional, it’s your duty to think through the consequences of your actions before you make a major decision. As we all know, there are both good reasons and bad reasons for quitting a job. It’s up to you to decide if quitting is the right move for you.

Is It Better To Quit Or Get Fired?

As you can see there are plenty of reasons for quitting a job. It’s up to you to decide why you want to quit and if it makes since for you to leave your current position. No blog post can decide that for you. What we can tell you is that quitting your job is not a decision to be made without seriously considering the consequences of your actions.

When you decide to leave your job, you’re going to need a good reason to do so. It’s almost guaranteed that you’ll ultimately be asked why you left your last job once you’re back in the job search. You need to be able to justify your decision making so that it doesn’t damage your professional reputation.

If you do decide to quit your job, think it through first. Make a plan for unemployment and know what you want to do next. Don’t quit in a blaze of glory and burn your bridges. Instead sit down with your boss and discuss the situation. Write a proper letter of resignation and give your company at least two weeks notice to find a replacement. Quitting your job is totally acceptable, but when you quit, please do so gracefully.

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