10 Jobs to Consider for a Career Change

Monday, July 24, 2023

Looking for a new career? Consider these jobs.

You’ve been toiling away at the same job for years and daydreaming of something else. So maybe it's time to do something else. People change careers all the time.

For those thinking about a complete career change but have no idea what to do, we've compiled a list of jobs that offer a strong salary and relatively stable job prospects. You'll also see how they score in terms of a good work-life balance and where they fall in terms of the stress you may incur on the job. (A high stress level rating translates to two points – the lowest score – while low stress levels are rated at a 10 – the highest score. A rating of high work-life balance is represented by a score of 10, while a score of two indicates a low work-life balance rating.)

These are also careers that don’t require anything more than a Bachelor’s degree and should land you a salary of $60,000 a year or more. So here are some careers to consider, according to scores (out of 10) from the U.S. News Best Jobs rankings. Data comes from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and scores on work-life balance and stress levels come from U.S. News interviews and research.

Software Developer

Median salary: $120,730
Stress level score: 6.0
Work-life balance score: 8.0

There are a lot of reasons to consider this career, especially if you always have had an interest in computers. You'll use your intellect and creativity, as software developers design, test and develop apps and computer programs. It’s a job that might have a little stress sometimes, especially if you have a particularly demanding boss or client.

You might work in a very professional environment, or, if you prefer, in your pajamas at home. Either way, you'll likely be paid well for your talents.

Market Research Analyst

Median salary: $63,920
Stress level score: 4.0
Work-life balance score: 6.0

Will anyone buy this? Market research analysts try to answer that question by studying data and market conditions. They're helping brands decide who the ideal customer is – and how much the price should be.

You might work for a corporation, or perhaps the government. You might work for a government agency that is looking for more effective ways to advertise its state lottery, for instance. It’s a terrific career to switch to if you’ve been working in marketing already but want something a little different, or you simply believe you will enjoy market research.

It wouldn't seem to be a stressful job, but it sometimes is; your employer may want your conclusions while you’re still trying to make sense of the data you’re poring through.


Median salary: $77,030
Stress level score: 4.0
Work-life balance score: 4.0

Without a logistician, a supply chain can come to a grinding halt. The logistician helps organize and oversee how a product goes through the supply chain.

Not surprisingly, it can be kind of a stressful career, and the work-life balance isn't spectacular. The bigger the supply chain, the more potential problems you might have, and you may have to leave your home at lousy times to go back to your office to fix whatever is going wrong. But for problem-solvers, the people who enjoy wrestling with real life puzzles, it may be a career you’ll thrive in.

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