St. Joseph the Provider School


Dear Friends,

Thank you for visiting St. Joseph the Provider Catholic School’s website. Our school has a long-standing tradition of Catholic School education beginning many years ago at our first location on Warhurst Road in Campbell. At that time the parish was known as St. John the Baptist Polish Church. Later the parish moved to Porter Avenue, also in Campbell and the Parish was renamed St. Joseph the Provider. The school educated many students who excelled in spirituality, academics, sports, music and the arts. Throughout its history, students of St. Joseph the Provider have contributed greatly to the church and society.

During the past few years, the school transitioned from serving students from the Campbell area to students from all parts of the City of Youngstown. In 2011 the decision was made to move the school into the City of Youngstown so to better serve the needs of our students and their families. But we also believe the value in maintaining a school in the city ministering to families who choose to attend our school.

For decades students have been educated in parish schools in the city. As time went on the population moved and declined. So did parish membership and the need or financial ability to maintain a Catholic school. At the present time we are happy to join St. Christine School on the west side of the city in ministering to the children of Youngstown. As we move into a new era in Catholic education, we continue to pass on the gift of faith through prayer, Scripture and service. We hold onto the values of respect, responsibility and discipline. We expect that each student will grow and develop into the person they were created to be, using their gifts and talents to the best of their ability. In each child we see the face of Christ Jesus.

You are welcome to visit our school. Keep us in prayer so that we can continue the work of Jesus here at St. Joseph the Provider. We teach what we believe and we believe what we teach.

May God bless you,
Fr. Mike Swierz, President
St. Joseph the Provider School